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About Pendragon Excalibur
Pendragon Excalibur is a motion picture production company that produces quality, unique and truly original content. Founded by award winning team, director Timothy Hines and producer Susan Goforth who recently created the film 10 Days in a Madhouse starring Caroline Barry, Christopher Lambert, Kelly Le Brock, Alexandra Callas and Julia Chantrey about real life reporter, 23 year old Nellie Bly who, working for Joseph Pulitzer, infiltrated the notorious Blackwell's Island Insane Asylum by feigning insanity to report on abuses from within. The movie had its US festival premiere to a sold out audience at Geena Davis' Bentonville Film Festival that celebrates women and diversity in film and played in non-competition at the 68th 
Cannes Film Festival. Timothy Hines' 10 Days in a Madhouse had a celebrity red carpet theatrical premiere at the Empire 25 in Times Square then went on to play at AMC Theaters across the US then 19 weeks at prestige indie and art house theaters culminating in an Oscar qualifying run in North Hollywood, California at the Laemmle NoHo 7. Reviews were mostly positive, with publications such as MS. Magazine saying the picture is a "Must See." The picture followed up with a strong run on DirecTV, Time Warner Comcast Cable, and is on all VOD platforms including iTunes, Googleplay, Amazon and Vudu.


Broad Green is distributing 10 Days in a Madhouse on DVD to WalMart, BestBuy, Target, Barnes and Nobles, etc. 10 Days in a Madhouse is being distributed worldwide, dubbed in many languages such as German and Turkish by TriCoast Worldwide. The movie competed for an Oscar in the 2017 89th Academy Awards. 10 Days in a Madhouse was selected for the Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival in 2017 and played at the Regal Live Stadium Theaters in Los Angeles. Hines and Goforth are also known for War of the Worlds The True Story, an as-if-it-really-happened telling of H.G. Wells' classic novel. The movie ran coast to coat in US theaters in limited exhibition ran, was played at universities such and Chapman University in media classes to show how visual footage can be manipulated to represent reality. The movie played in exhibition screening across the US, earned 7 million dollars in DVD through outlets such as WalMart, received 5 out of 5 star reviews and competed in the 85th Academy Awards. Hines is the CEO of Pendragon Pictures. As a working professional in the motion picture industry with over 25 years experience, multiple feature motion pictures in worldwide distribution, hundreds of commercials and short films, Hines has also worked as a cinematographer, editor, screenwriter and visual effects supervisor. Hines and Goforth are in pre-production for Earth Angel, a suspense thriller that will star Malcolm McDowell and Lic Hand. Timothy Hines and Susan Goforth are in post production on Chrome, an epic robot SciFi 8 part TV Mini-series slated for release beginning August 2017.   
CHROME A SciFi TV Miniseries - Coming September 2017.
10 Days in a Madhouse - True story suspense thriller now on all video on demand platforms and everywhere on DVD, distrbuted by TriCoast Worldwide and Broad Green Pictures.